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Web hosting is typically either done through dedicated or shared servers that your company rents or maintains. That means the server capacity you own has limitations for both bandwidth and data. A dedicated server model is a poor choice because the lack of scalability and flexibility that comes with owning a specific amount of infrastructure. Additionally, sharing virtualized servers can often impair bandwidth speed to customers since server resources are strained by the many other websites that share the server space. In both shared and dedicated web hosting environments, traffic bottlenecks are a problem and shared web hosting will throttle your speeds. A sudden unprepared surge of traffic can overload your site’s service capacity, causing you to lose business and client trust in the process.

On top of capacity limits, security and data loss protection are a major concern as hardware level security breaches in shared server space are at higher risk. Cloud web hosting addresses the flaws of traditional web hosting through a diverse network of servers and enables load balancing that is virtually impossible with traditional web-hosting solutions. Simply no other web hosting solution on dedicated servers has the redundancy of cloud hosting, the automation efficiencies of infrastructure as code, nor cost benefits of economies of scale.

Flaws Of A Shared And Dedicated Environment

Is it no longer sustainable to manage web hosting manually due to the scale and unpredictability of web traffic?
Is it no longer sustainable to manage web hosting manually due to the scale and unpredictability of web traffic?
Can you increase and decrease your web hosting farm capacity on-demand?
Can you increase and decrease your web hosting farm capacity on-demand?
Do your website crashes affect customer experience?
Do your website crashes affect customer experience?

TrimaxSecure offers cloud based web hosting solutions that provide businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with cost-effective solutions to deliver websites and applications. Whether you’re looking for marketing, social media, e-commerce websites, or payment and events sites, TrimaxSecure offers a wide range of website hosting options to ptimize your website hosting.

Shifting To Cloud Web Hosting Means Control With Code

Being able to control your cloud web hosting with code means that you can quickly bring changes and updates to your website. It links hardware customizability to the ease of control allowed through the software layer and code. This means you can cut down on resources and costs by bundling many steps into one using infrastructure as code automation to orchestrate changes in compute resources and local edge computing, so that globally distributed users always get the best experience on your sites.

Cloud Brings Analytical Capabilities To Your Website

Many cloud web hosting services have analytics tools integrated into their platforms. Connecting to analytics tools and other services such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM when you use cloud web hosting is a great way to leverage powerful data collection abilities while also bringing new functionality to your website. Don’t lose valuable website interaction insights and take full-advantage of user-engagement automation by connecting other cloud platforms to your nimble website.

Start Your Cloud Journey Today!

TrimaxSecure Windows Virtual Desktop Implementation will provision your Enterprise Windows Desktop environments on Azure, so your work force can work from anywhere.

The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

TrimaxSecure helps organizations of any size migrate to Azure and reap benefits of cloud technologies. Migration of workloads to Azure results in substantial improvement in productivity, operational resiliency and business agility as a result of the digital transformation which is why overwhelming quantity of companies transform their infrastructure from traditional on-premise to cloud native or a hybrid mix. The 10 week migration will enable the flexibility to compete in the digital age.

TrimaxSecure Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide you answers about capabilities and resulting efficiencies that cloud technologies will bring to your business.

We provide a thorough security assessment of your Azure infrastructure end-to-end and offer a review of vulnerabilities, and help resolving them.

This assessment will offer optimal and cost effective way to store your data that would assure reliable recovery of information in case of a natural disaster, deliberate or accidental tampering.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Alliant Consulting, Inc.
The TrimaxSecure team has been a responsive and reliable partner to our management consulting practice. Initially, assisting in our migration from a premise-based server to the cloud, and since, in navigating the ever-evolving Microsoft / 365 landscape.

Brennan Malanaphy, CFO

Cherrill Consulting
TrimaxSecure is a consistently reliable and responsive infrastructure partner for us as we scale our business according to increasing customer demand.

Adam Cherrill, President

Sterling Reality and Management
Our organization has been a client of TrimaxSecure’s for close to 5 years now. Not only has the service always been great but whenever I need help with understanding any needed cloud-based IT solutions, the TrimaxSecure team is ready to educate and help resolve those issues.
I highly recommend TrimaxSecure as your organization’s provider of cloud-based IT services.

Brandon Olson, Owner

Coffee Republic (Australia)
For over 2 years, we have engaged TrimaxSecure for our ERP and CRM implementations and support.
TrimaxSecure are a great company to work with. They are experts in Microsofts’s ERP and CRM with custom development and deployments.
A fantastic and energetic team of talented SaaS wizards.

Ernest Nuro, Owner

Rosewood North America
We are extremely happy with TrimaxSecure. The team is very responsive and is always looking out for their customers’ best interests. It is truly fantastic having a resource like TrimaxSecure. I highly recommend them.

Dan Cook, Owner

Signature Designer Services
We have worked with TrimaxSecure for several years. We have worked on several projects to include updating our website and working on our proprietary software system. They are diverse in their abilities and are nice to work with.

Tracy Gratton

Loot Crate
TrimaxSecure helped us with our migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. Their “great job” make this transition a complete success. Their response, knowledge, and time management was incredible. We still communicating with them for all Microsoft issues we have, and they never hesitate to help us. Extremely recommend them.

Mauricio Undurraga

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